Announcements - FEVO Important changes & a brand new look!

FEVO Important changes & a brand new look!


Dear Cardholder,

We are giving FEVO a brand new look!  

As we progressively roll out the new look, you can continue to enjoy features via our FEVO app and website such as viewing of transactions, checking of card balance and top-ups on-the-go. We would also like to give you a heads-up that the transition to the new look will affect a few services.  

  1. Verification PIN
    You will be notified at a later date to set a new six-digit Verification PIN to authenticate your online purchases. This is in replacement of the dynamic per-transaction OTP.
  2. Card transaction history viewing
    After the system update, you will only be able to view transactions for the immediate past one month and subsequently, up to six months.
  3. Temporary change to currency display
    After the system update until end April 2019, all transactions (local and foreign) will only be presented in SGD.

Thank you for your support as we bring a better and newer FEVO to you!