Online Transaction Safety

To protect the all cardholders when they make payments online, a one-time-password (OTP) will be sent to the cardholder’s registered mobile number during an online transaction. The OTP has to be submitted by the purchaser for verification within 5 minutes of its receipt, significantly reducing the risk of fraudulent use of their FEVO Prepaid MasterCard® Card. Each OTP will expire after 5 minutes and are limited to one time use.

Each FEVO Card has an EMV Smart Chip to offer enhanced levels of security on card transactions. With secure encryption technology, MasterCard contactless payment mode is also safe and secure.

Replacing a lost FEVO Card

In the event that you lose your FEVO Card, the card can be blocked and your account balance transferred to a newly purchased FEVO Card if your card is registered. If you have previously registered your FEVO Card, you can call the FEVO Hotline* to report the loss and request for your MasterCard purse to be blocked.

If you have your FEVO Card details and FEVO Password, you can also log in on this site and suspend your account. You will be able to block and refund the ez-link purse of your lost FEVO Card if you have signed up for the Activate! programme. Visit the ez-link Activate! site http://ezlinkactivate.com.sg to find out more.

Once you have purchased a new FEVO Card, please call the FEVO hotline* to request for the remaining balance to be transferred over. You will need to reactivate the replacement card upon receiving it before it can be used.

Unfortunately, we will not be able to transfer the balance of lost FEVO Card that have yet to be registered. No refund is allowed for the MasterCard purse within the card validity period.

*FEVO Hotline: 65-6496 8300, from 8AM to 6PM daily except public holidays